How to engage your employees

Find their funny. Find their beautiful.

The Harvard Business Review recently found that companies which engage their employees grow 1.5 times faster than companies that don’t.

It also found that millions are wasted in employee engagement programmes that try to change the wrong things.

We take a different approach. We measure the things your employees love. Not just the things that inspire them, but their aesthetics and their sense of humour.

Our data shows that women respond to very different kinds of content to men, and that millennials have very different tastes to Gen X. So there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution for engaging any diverse workforce. The solution is to be multifaceted, and that’s where Paddle comes in.

Our Engagement Testing Tool will quantify the things your culture finds Funny, Useful, Beautiful and Inspiring. Once you know what different audiences in your company respond to, you can start to engage them in new ways.

But creating your engagement strategy
is only the beginning.

We have a creative network from speechwriters to some of the world’s biggest entertainment companies to help you achieve that.

The Paddle Team can help you with:

From FUBI to Do/Be

So you know your colleagues’ FUBI. Now what? What do you do? What do you become?

We find that our clients make a lot of small changes quickly. The tone of HR emails change. The themes of awaydays become more relevant. Senior managements’ keynotes become funnier, or better designed.

We can help with that. We have a network of brilliant people, from speechwriters to cultural change experts, who can help your organisation embrace its FUBI.

Small changes add up: events and internal comms become keenly anticipated; your office spaces become more fun.

Does your Gen Z intake love grandiose beauty? We can make a recruitment film with the geniuses behind Planet Earth II.

Are you speaking to an audience that laughs at deadpan humour? We can arrange a masterclass with the geniuses behind 8 out of 10 cats.

Does your sales team love cute aesthetics? We work with the designers of Innocent’s headquarters.

To find out more how FUBI turns into Do/Be