How to find your FUBI

Every successful communicator, from brands to CEOs, has a way to be funny, a way to be useful, a way to be beautiful and a way to be inspiring. So how do you find yours?

We begin with your audience. We’ve built a database of the content people love and hate. If you’re looking at an internal audience, we can do a special survey to understand the things they respond to – and the things that turn them off.

If you’re looking at an external audience, we probably already have the data.
Need to understand the tastes of status-minded AB women in the North East of England? We’ve got you covered. Early tech adopters under 35? No problem.

We build this data into a FUBI wheel, that shows you what your audience loves,
and what they hate.

We often do this in a workshop, where we map your communications over it.
The implications quickly become obvious: no wonder this didn’t work… so that’s why our competitor’s campaign was so successful… wow, there’s a big opportunity over there…

Then we write a strategy book, which you can use to brief your agencies or internal comms team

…or we can help you execute, with our
network of partners